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August 30th
Delaware International Speedway

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August 9th
Selinsgrove Speedway

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Top 10 Teams by points:
1. Davie Franek (1299)
2. Randy West (1181)
3. Josh Weller (1162)
4. Ed Aikin (1140)
5. Curt Michael (1091)
6. Troy Betts (1026)
7. Robbie Stillwaggon (1002)
8. Brian Carber (969)
9. Jonathan Swanson (944)
10. Jimmy Stitzel (907)

Franek Tops List of Favorites to Grab 10K URC/Mach 1 Special
Posted: September 22nd, 2014
Young Davie Franek heads an All Star lineup contending for the lucrative $10,000 win during URC's Mach 1 event at Charlie Paige's Selinsgrove Speedway this Saturday night.

What a season for Davie Franek. Taking the 360 sprint world by storm, the 2014 season is Franek's "coming of age". Racing almost every weekend since racing season began, Franek earned wins at Can Am Speedway, a big race at New Egypt Speedway, and two victories at his old home track...Selinsgrove Speedway.

So what made Franek breakout in 2014? " The past few years we had the point championship fall away at the end of the season and that makes for a long winter, " Franek explained. "This year, we worked harder to be prepared long before the season started. We had all fresh equipment and fresh motors. Our team consists of guys that all get along, so each guy is assigned their responsibilities on the car. This way there can't be any finger pointing."

"The work we do at the shop is almost down to a science", Franek continued. "I am fortunate to be surrounded by good people," Franek concluded.

One of those good people is the backbone of the team, Davie's father Dave. Racing under his dad's direction for most of his life, Dave gets help, support, advice, and when needed, even criticism. His dad has given so much of his life to support his son's endeavor, and that gleam in his eye when watching Davie race, is proof he has no regrets.

In addition to Franek's four wins, he consistently places in the top five. He currently has a healthy lead in the Rislone URC point series and barring any major disasters, should earn that first championship that has eluded him the two seasons prior. "Our season was real good," Davie continued. " I like running URC and have no complaints. It's a very fair place to race. I started out pretty hot this year, then struggled toward the middle of the season. This past Saturday we finished a strong 4th at Selinsgrove and felt like some small changes we made will make us a real threat this Saturday."

Davie is a real outdoorsman when not racing. He lives in the beautiful Northwestern mountains of New Jersey...a hunter's paradise. Anyone following Davie's Facebook page knows he has a love for everything wild and outdoors.

URC is proud to have such a polish and professional young racer with a great talent behind the wheel. We all wish Davie the best of luck at Selinsgrove this Saturday night.
Remembering Paul
Posted: September 19th, 2014
Sad news came to us today that Paul "Sandy" Rochelle passed away.

"Sandy", as he was affectionately known in the United Racing Club won both the 1979 and 1980 driver championships. Driving for Pete Sacks during his peak in URC, Sandy was a comedian, a prankster, and loved spending hours after the races having fun with his fellow competitors.

I began working for the United Racing Club in 1979, and they asked me to do a story on Sandy. However, before I was able to make that call, I got the news that Sandy was in a very bad accident. While trying to cut down a tree, misfortune struck as the tree fell on Sandy breaking his back. He insisted he would be back racing in April. I sent him a little stuffed animal dog with a get well card.

April rolled around as URC opened at East Windsor Speedway. Sandy was still very painful and we all watched in disbelief as his crew carried him to the race car and bolted him in the cockpit. He had a strong finished that day. As his crew struggled to get his tall, lanky body out of the car after the race, I glimpsed into his cockpit. Tied to the inside of his cockpit was the little stuffed animal dog...something he kept the whole season as a good luck charm. It may sound trivial, but to this 15-year old girl at the time, Sandy was larger than life.

He won many URC races and gave 100% every time he raced. But, Sandy was best known for his infectious smile, fun-loving laugh, and practical jokes. Sandy enjoyed the United Racing Club fair dates and would be the first one in the pool trying his version of log rolling sometime after midnight.

Those who knew him will miss him dearly. And those who don't remember Sandy Rochelle will look in the URC history books and surely recognize him as one of URC's best.

Saturday, September 27th (4 days away)
MACH 1 Super Series at Selinsgrove Speedway
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Friday, October 3rd (10 days away)
URC Event at Carolina Speedway
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Saturday, October 4th (11 days away)
URC Event at Cherokee Speedway
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